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WordPress Wildcard Redirect

Whether you are moving your WordPress site from a subdomain to a domain name or from one domain to another, you should redirect all old pages to new pages for SEO or other purposes. For example, you’ll want to redirect http://oldsite.com/example-page/ to http://newsite.com/example-page/. How can you accomplish this within WordPress installation? You can add multiple… Read more.

Free WordPress Theme: DW Timeline

DW Timeline is a very clean and responsive free WordPress theme created by Design Wall. This free WordPress theme is perfect for personal blogs as well as news websites. Here are descriptions of DW Timeline theme from the developers: Inspired by the timeline layout from Facebook, we took this innovative design and turn into a… Read more.

WooCommerce: Display Price For Variable Product With Same Variations Prices

Recently, I was asked to add a few variations to a product in WooCommerce eCommerce system. I added two attributes with different options to create the variations. The product needed to display the same price, no matter which variation is selected by customers. That sounds simple right? Yes, but by default, WooCommerce product page does… Read more.

Query_posts() with WP-PageNavi

For WordPress theme designers who use WP-PageNavi plugin and query_posts() together, it is likely that the page numbers do not show posts correctly. All pages display the same posts no matter which page you are on. Here is how to use query_posts() correctly with WP-PageNavi: Open the file with the query_posts() function, index.php for example…. Read more.